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British Trolleybus Database CD

- newly updated!
By Ashley Bruce

Not a book (though you can print one out) but a computer database that has been 21 years in the making! Now available in version 4, with over 800 new images, a listing for every single trolleybus, a refined user interface and now able to run under Windows 10 64bit and every other previous incarnation of 32/64bit Windows. Here's a selection of sample trolleybuses - click to zoom

And here's a gallery of some of the options available -

The specification speaks for it's self -
Minimum requirements - PC, 1gb ram, 754mb of hardrive space. Designed to run in 800x600 or 1024x768 screens, and under Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10, the British Trolleybus Database gives detailed information on every trolley vehicle that was built in the UK. Buttons across the top navigate through each and every trolleybus - to give access to all chassis makers, electrical suppliers, body builders and operators, and
- allow multiple searches by maker, operator, export, type, chassis or fleet number,
- sort by body type, chassis characteristics, current collector or ownership,
- see the database as a table and print reports,
- see and compare production or service life statistics
- and design the 'cab' by changing fonts and colours.
There's an interactive picture gallery and a notepad for comments. Each picture has a caption that not only gives details, but also gives lists extensive historical and technical references.
Every trolleybus operator gets every route listed and there's a map of every UK network.
The database is a fully interactive program that allows editing, tailoring and adjustment.

The British Trolleybus Database CD has -
673 records of each batch of 6,401 UK service trolleybuses and 180 records of 2,112 exports containing -
- dates built, withdrawn and in service
- builder of chassis, controls, motor, trolleybase and body
- details of chassis, transmission, brakes, motor, controls and body by type
- vehicle dimensions and weights
- operator, with chassis, body, fleet and registration numbers
- notes on design features and on service history
- a form view for each batch, with picture and details as above
- a table view listing the batches with details as above
- a gallery view showing either 20 or 30 'thumbnail' pictures together (depending on screen size)
- resizable from 800x600 (showing picture controls) to 1024x768 (adding makers logos, and picture previews).
- a statistics view showing a bar graph by production numbers, service life or in comparison with another manufacturer, operator or search criteria, by production number or service life. There's also a bar graph of overall chassis totals
- a picture caption panel giving place and date of picture, its copyright and reference source, with access to a listing of most published works on the 'current' operator
- switches to view the 'current' operators network map and route listing, with opening and closing dates, and the overhead contractor
switches to view company information on the 'current' vehicle, by chassis, controls, motor or body builder
- a switch to alternate between the two owners of secondhand trolleybuses
- a switch to view a searchable glossary of direct electric traction terms
- buttons to view by each chassis suppliers vehicles
- buttons to view by each controls manufacturers vehicles
- buttons to view by each motor makers vehicles
- buttons to view by each trolleybase manufacturer
- buttons to view by each body builders vehicles
- buttons to view combinations of the above (all Leyland's with Roe bodywork for example)
- buttons to sort by date, chassis number, body number or registration number
- buttons to view by each UK operator
- buttons to view by each overseas operator
- a search table to find any individual batch or vehicle
- a search facility to find any text within the data
- a selection facility to view user-tagged vehicles
- a sort facility to find by year, decade, number of axles, transmission type, motor type, control type, number of decks, entrance position, body height type, collection type, ownership and status. Use of this facility is possible in any combination (so all 6 wheel single deckers with rheostatic control that have been preserved can be found for example)
- a pop-up word processing memopad for users notes
- an options facility to change the appearance of the database
- a print facility to print what's on screen or a pre-configured report
and 52 pages of context sensitive onscreen help

Price: £16.00 (GBP)  each +P&P
Total weight: 100g. id - GB23

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