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Your publisher of definitive Trolleybus history books

TROLLEYBOOKS was formed in 1972 to combine the resources of two of the major UK-based trolleybus enthusiast societies in regard to the publication of definitive books about trolleybuses, their history and their operation.

By this means it was intended to obviate duplication of subject (and therefore of research); to cast the net for inclusion of dependable information much wider than would otherwise have been possible; to simplify the funding of printing costs; and, most importantly, to ensure that proceeds from sales would be directly channelled back to the constituent societies to help fund preserved trolleybus restoration costs.

TROLLEYBOOKS is proud of its track record, having built up a first-class reputation for the authoritativeness and quality of its products. The buyers of its products probably rarely appreciate just how long each title is in preparation. However, we are pleased to say that we do still have a formidable list of titles in various stages of preparation, that these are being worked up to the same high standards, and that every effort will be made to continue to publish trolleybus books to the established standards or better.

A full list of the titles which TROLLEYBOOKS has previously published since inception is as follows-

1974 25 Years of Arnhem Trolleybuses (G.Aberson) 0 904235 01 7
1974 Trolleybuses of Newcastle upon Tyne T.P.Canneaux & N.H.Hanson) 0 904235 02 5
1976 Sandtoft Guide (Second Edition) (P.A.Goddard & J.R.Whitehead) 0 904235 03 3
1976 Trolleybuses of South Shields (Geoff Burrows) 0 904235 04 1
1977 Round Europe by trolleybus (M.J.Russell) 0 904235 05 X
1978 A Trolley Retrieved (M.J.Russell & F.R.Whitehead) 0 904235 06 8
1981 Round the World by Trolleybus (M.J.Russell) 0 904235 07 6
1982 100 Years of Trolleybuses 0 904235 08 4
1983 London Trolleybus Wiring - South West & West(Keith Farrow) 0 904235 09 2
1985 London Trolleybus Wiring - South East & North West (Keith Farrow) 0 904235 10 6
1988 France by trolleybus (Martin Nimmo) 0 904235 11 4
1988 World Trolleybus Pictorial (Alan Murray) 978-0-904235-13-5
1991 Reading Trolleybuses (D.A.Hall) 0 904235 12 2
1992 London Trolleybus Wiring - North (Keith Farrow) 0 904235 14 9
1992 Llanelly Trolleybuses (Geoff Griffiths) 978-0-904235-15-9
1996 Kingston Upon Hull Trolleybuses (Malcolm Wells) 978-0-904235-16-6
2001 World Trolleybus Encyclopaedia (A.G.Murray) 0 904235 18 1
2001 Bournemouth Trolleybuses (David Bowler) 978-0-904235-19-7
2007 Nottingham Trolleybuses (David Bowler) 978-0-904235-20-3

Please note: We are unable to supply any of the above.

2008 British Trolleybus Database CD (Ashley Bruce)
2011 London Trolleybus Wiring Vol IV, North East and East (Keith Farrow) 978-0-904235-21-0
2011 UK Trolleybus Centenary (Alan Murray) 978-0-904235-22-7
2012 Trolleybus Miniatures, Models and the Real Things (Ashley Bruce) 978-0-904235-23-4
2015 Belfast Trolleybuses (Mike Maybin) 978-0-904235-24-1
2017 Lombard-Gerin and Inventing the Trolleybus (Ashley Bruce) 978-0-904235-25-8
2018 Walsall Trolleybuses (Bob Rowe) 978-0-904235-26-5
2018 Italian Trolleybuses Abroad (Alessandro Albè, Marco Montanarini) 978-0-904235-27-2
2018 Reading Trolleybuses (Dave Hall) 978-0-904235-28-9
2018 Britain's Lost Trolleybus Systems (Roland Box) 978-0-904235-29-6
2019 Glasgow Trolleybuses (Brian Deans with Stuart Little) 978-0-904235-31-9
2020 A London Trolleybus Reborn (Dave Chick) 978-0-904235-32-6
2022 Brazil's Trolleybuses (Jorges Moraes and Robert Howes) 978-0-904235-33-3

If you're interested in obtaining our out-of-print titles, they do turn up on the second-hand market and enthusiasts who want to complete their collection are recommended to try ebay or contact the various specialist bookshops (try Abebooks), or to search the stalls at the various transport ephemera flea-market events as advertised in the enthusiast press, or (during the summer months) to visit the flea-markets often attached to bus rallies each weekend.
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