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Lombard-Gerin & Inventing the Trolleybus

By Ashley Bruce

...a new look at what came first.

A very detailed, and lavishly illustrated, story of the invention of the Trolleybus between 1882 and 1914, particularly through the achievements of Louis Lombard-Gerin (1848-1918). Covering American, British, French and German developments by examining the individual inventors, their successes and failures and their influences. 158 pages of every aspect of the engineering and economic contexts of early Trolleybus history, with 348 photographs and images. By dispelling myths and with original research, this book uncovers a surprisingly relevant story of railless electric traction, its purpose and need.
ISBN: 978-0-904235-25-8
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early production graph
A graph of early trolleybuses in service between 1900 and 1915, by collector system, illustrating the competitive progress amongst engineers to find a solution to the problem of collecting power for a manoeuvrable electric bus. Lombard-Gerin led from 1900 to 1905, apart from an ill-fated blip by Carl Stoll in 1904. Schiemann then held sway until 1907, when the subsidised Italian Cantano system led for 1908. Ludwig Stolls improved design then prevailed until 1914, when Schiemann derived systems, especially by Munro in Britain, dominated into the 1920s and onto the present day.

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