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British Trolleybus Centenary 1911-2011

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By Alan Murray

This 68-page A4-sized book with full-colour soft card cover traces the 100 year history of the trolleybus in the United Kingdom, both in service and in preservation. Lavishly illustrated with over 170 photographs plus the original 1911 trade article celebrating the joint starting of operation in Leeds and Bradford are finely reproduced.
As author Alan Murray says " Other publications have set out a more detailed description of the growth of each system as well as the different manufacturers and their products and it is not the intention of this booklet to replicate these histories. This booklet is being published to celebrate the story of the trolleybus in the United Kingdom over one hundred years, and to do so largely through pictures of each system as well as of the main British manufacturers. Wherever feasible, colour views have been chosen; none, of course. exist for earlier systems. Inevitably, colour views of the last systems are easier to come by, so an attempt has been made to source slightly older views to add interest, though this is sometimes at the expense of picture quality because of contemporary photographic technology. Larger operators are covered by several views, to show the variety of vehicle types, liveries, routes or locations. The approach taken is to illustrate systems in broadly chronological order, sometimes neighbouring systems are grouped together and to provide at least one view of each system."
ISBN: 978-0-904235-22-7

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