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London Trolleybus Wiring - North East & East


By Keith Farrow

This is the fourth of a series of A5-sized books examining the history of the overhead wiring provided for London trolleybuses, which the author has arbitrarily divided geographically into four volumes. This, the final one in the series, has 184 pages. The first three booklets in this series - South West & West (salmon-coloured cover), South East & North West (yellow-coloured cover) and North (blue-coloured cover) - are long since sold out.

Quite clearly, an accurately detailed scale map of the whole (sadly erstwhile) London trolleybus system, although it most certainly could be drawn, would take up probably most of the ground floor plan area of the average British semi-detached suburban house! This series of books simply deals with each and every junction, short-turn facility, terminal arrangement and depot wiring layout. The straight bits are not included! The intention is that while there are still persons around having first hand knowledge and able to comment on available pictorial evidence, the known history of each of these ?special work? locations can be documented and that at the same time, all the day-to-day features of the trolleybus system, which were commonplace when it was in operation, are at least documented so that they are not lost in the march of time. There are thus lots of layout diagrams, monotone and now colour photographs to illustrate certain references, and, typically, one or two small topics that it is pleasant to be reminded of when they would not otherwise have been committed to paper! The reader can rest assured that all the information presented has been most carefully checked by reference to a number of well-known London trolleybus system specialists, against huge photographic libraries and against surviving records held by London Transport Museum and the London Trolleybus Preservation Society.

The series authors commitments in many other directions in middle-life have meant that the series has taken much longer to complete than originally envisaged. The checking process alone, which each book goes through, is itself extensive and time consuming. This final, and considerably bigger volume, is no exception and has taken more than three years to verify, as far as possible, that there are as few as possible errors. We know the series is immensely popular and that there is frustration at the delay in publishing this last volume - it has to be admitted that publication was promised nearly a decade ago!

Never mind those hating the intrusiveness of tram and trolleybus overhead line. It is now realised that it gives a very necessary visual message to the public: Here is your public transport, there will be one along in a minute or two. There isn't the same faith in buses!
ISBN: 978-0-904235-21-0

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