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Your publisher of definitive Trolleybus history books

TROLLEYBOOKS have been publishing trolleybus books for nearly forty years. Quite simply, we are trolleybus enthusiasts publishing high quality English language books about trolleybuses.

In the UK, trolleybuses were the usual excellent, clean and efficient form of urban transport but, like the tram, they were once banished. Yet there are around 350 systems elsewhere around the world and there are growing numbers of enthusiasts who keep in touch with world developments.

We also feel a need to document trolleybus history in some detail, because if we don't, the chances are it will be lost for ever. Not so long ago there were plenty of UK residents who were easily able to indulge in a bit of nostalgia over the trolleybus in Britain. But it is over 40 years since the last one in Britain ran in public service and so one has to be aged at least 45 to be able to remember them! So TROLLEYBOOKS sees to it that this particular bit of social history isn't forgotten.

Of course, we are more than keen to hear from anyone who is prepared to properly research and write up a specific aspect of British (and British overseas) trolleybus history. This isn't for the half-hearted. If a job's worth doing, its worth doing well!! There are still quite a number of British and British Overseas trolleybus systems which have yet to be researched, let alone other aspects of trolleybus history which need to be written. TROLLEYBOOKS wants to see to it that each title is as extensively researched as possible. However, it all has to be a labour-of-love - we work to produce the very best trolleybus books at competitive prices to help preserve the survivors and, hopefully give you a good read!

And this leads to an important point: all proceeds from sales of our books are ploughed back into the two major societies from which we derive. This helps finance the restoration of representative examples of British trolleybuses saved from scrapping many years ago and held in store, so that they can be exhibited and operated at suitably equipped transport museums.

So, come and browse the titles we have currently on offer...

Our latest book, a history that is important and little known,
Brazil's Trolleybuses by Jorges Moraes and Robert Howes. Full details here.

Recently published, a surprisingly wide-ranging story,
A London Trolleybus Reborn by Dave Chick. Full details here.

Published to commemorate the 70 years since their introduction. Reprinting soon,
Glasgow Trolleybuses by Brian Deans with Stuart Little. Full details here.

Already sold out, plans and proposals, 1900 to the present day,
Britain's Lost Trolleybus Systems by Roland Box. Full details here.
Lost Systems

Published to commemorate the closure anniversary, but already sold out,
Reading Trolleybuses by Dave Hall. Full details here.

Recently published, an encyclopeadic look at all the Italian trolleybuses that were exported,
Italian Trolleybuses Abroad by Alessandro Albè and Marco Montanarini. Full details here.

Available now, and aiming to be the definitive history of this fascinating Black Country system,
Walsall Trolleybuses by Bob Rowe. More here.

Jointly with the LRTA,
The Tramways of Wolverhampton and Trolleybus Days in Wolverhampton by Eric Challoner

Recently published is a new look at what came first, the early history of the trolleybus from 1882 to 1914, featuring the pioneering work of Louis Lombard-Gerin but including detailed stories of all the inventions. More here.
Also recently published is Mike Maybin's Belfast Trolleybuses, a mere 30 years in the making and the most complete history of the large and complex system. More here.
Also available is, dare we say, the definitive book on trolleybus miniatures and models with much reference to the real things and their history. Click the cover for the full story.
Our latest offerings include the British Trolleybus Database CD (newly revamped), a commemorative book celebrating 100 years of trolleybuses in the United Kingdom and the long anticipated final volume in the London Trolleybus Wiring series.

NottinghamUnfortunately now sold out is the most definative trolleybus history of Nottingham to date - perhaps for ever!here.

Hull If you are from Kingston upon Hull, you are particularly in luck, because we can bring you full-scale detailed histories of trolleybus operation in this town. Our history of Bournemouth Trolleybuses was highly successful and is now sold out.

Like its trams, there is huge nostalgia for London´s erstwhile trolleybuses - so our third London trolleybus wiring book, which takes a detailed look at the various junctions, short turns, termini, etc., in North London on this occasion, has proved immensely popular. Now sold out, but the bigger, better fourth volume is now available.

On the world trolleybus scene, we can still offer an inexpensive monotone photographic trip-round-the-world by trolleybus, which depicts the typical environments in which the trolleybus of today operates.

Hot off the press at the beginning of April 2001, was ´World Trolleybus Encyclopaedia´. As you might imagine, if a book is an encyclopaedia, it is declaring itself to be an authoritative reference book. It has been so sucessful worldwide that it has already sold out and we regret that we are unable to accept any more orders through the online shop. We shall not be re-printing this first edition but anticipate a second edition in due course.

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